Today we bring you an evaluation of the Fiat Panda 2019! This small 80 CV Fiat is part of Segment A and is ideal for getting around the island easily and comfortably. Don’t think about it any longer and hire the Fiat Panda today at Menorca Autos 21! Its length of 3.65 metres will allow you to park very easily. 


This is a 5 seat vehicle with 5 doors and a 225 litre boot. Everything is manufactured with the greatest sturdiness and practicality. Its exterior stands out for having soft lines and a compact look, for being very sturdy and conveying a lot of power, reminiscent perhaps of a SUV due to the placement of its front lights as well as the raised grille. The look of this Panda offers a lot of personality. The front is more rounded and has fluid lines.  
It has an unmistakable appearance, having positioned its rear lights vertically right beside the rear window.


Fiat has opted for personalising the vehicle and this Fiat Panda has nothing to do with its previous versions, it is completely adapted for today. It is simple, easy and useful. Hire one today to get around Menorca!
The main elements to highlight are its large storage areas, where you can store everything you want, the placement of its gears in a higher position in comparison with other editions, and even the handbrake, which is smaller in size and much easier to use. The central console has a radio CD/MP3. It is a comfortable car, but is not overly large. It is mainly an urban car but, of course, you can use it to travel by road or motorway. 


It is a comfortable car to drive. It consumes only 4 litres per 100 km. The shock absorbers are very good and extremely comfortable. Its 80 CV allows you to run around the whole island comfortably and enjoyably. A car without airs and graces, which is simple, basic, functional and practical. Its fuel consumption is very low and quite practical. Just 4 litres/100km. The Panda encompasses all the traits that make it the ideal car for travelling around Menorca. There is certainly a lot of competition within this segment, but the Panda knows how to defend itself against its rivals.

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions contact us today and we will be delighted to answer them for you.