Today at Menorca Autos 21 rent a car we bring you a very special vehicle of the Italian brand Fiat. On this occasion we want to introduce you to the Fiat 500 L for your Menorca car rental!
This Fiat model reminds us a little of its original model, the Fiat 500, although little by little we will discover its differences. It offers a designer body inspired by the mythical 600 Multipla of the 50s. It is a car with dimensions of 4,147 mm in length, 1,784 mm in width and 1,665 mm in height. 


On the front we find four headlights, typical of Fiat and a beautiful grill with black and chrome finishes with the logo of the Italian brand in the middle. Don't hesitate and enjoy the Fiat 500 L for Menorca with Menorca Autos 21 rent a car! It is a bigger car than the typical Fiat 500, which gives it an incredible robustness effect. The exterior finishes of this vehicle are of high quality!


The entire centre console which runs along the dashboard is very similar, if not identical, to the Fiat 500. We found an ergonomic multifunction steering wheel, which will adapt to you perfectly. Rent the Fiat 500 L now with our Menorca rent a car service! We also find cams at the rear of the steering wheel, which will allow us to change gears without any problem.

In the centre console we find a touch screen with built-in GPS, typical climate buttons and USB inputs to charge your mobile phone or any other mobile device.  In addition, there are lots of slide sites. The comfort is impressive, which is shown above all in the rear seats. The occupant of the middle back seat is the one who will appreciate it the most. MenorcaAutos21 car rental in Menorca. The boot is 455 litres. It has a very regular shape and lots of things will fit in it.


It is a very comfortable car to drive. It has very good and very comfortable suspensions, fantastic for the bumps we drive over on a daily basis. In addition, it consumes very little fuel. 
We hope you liked this little review of the Fiat 500 L! If you have any questions, contact us and we will gladly resolve them, or visit our website for rent a car Menorca.