Testing the Partner for rent a car in Menorca


Testing the Partner for rent a car in Menorca

Today at Autos 21 Menorca we trial the Peugeot Partner around the island of Menorca. Enjoy Menorca with Autos 21 Menorca and our car hire service at rent a car Menorca.

Exterior of the Peugeot Partner

At the front, you will find a grille with chrome finish. The plastic parts of the bumpers are the same colour as the bodywork of the vehicle. You will find the fog lamps at the back of the van.

The dimensions of this van are 4.38 metres long and 1.86 metres high.



Finishes and interior of the Peugeot Partner

At the front area of the vehicle there is a very attractive dashboard. The driving area has a plastic finish and is spacious and elevated, giving an even greater feeling of safety. The seats are very comfortable. They support the upper part of the occupant’s body and all have arm rests.



On the dashboard, there are several places where you can store personal belongings. These can be found in the doors, on the driver’s side just by the steering wheel, another is in the centre, and another is on the passenger side. The ceiling also contains a large space for storing objects.

This makes the rear seats truly comfortable. You will encounter no problems with comfort, as the back seats are individual units. Don’t think about it any longer and hire the Peugeot Partner today!

If you fold down the central back seat there is an armrest with two spaces for holding drinks cans.

The boot of this French brand van has a capacity of 675 litres and 1350 litres, if you remove the tray that is just above it. If you need even more space in the boot, you can also fold down the back seats.



Perfect Mechanics

This vehicle is very economical on fuel consumption costs. In town, it has an average consumption of 5.1 litres and 3.9 litres on the open road. The interior of the Partner is very quiet. It is an easy car to drive, as well as being easy and quick to adapt to.

We hope that you have enjoyed this small review of the Peugeot Partner. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be delighted to answer them for you!