Suzuki Scross car hire menorca airport

Today, Autos 21 Menorca introduces you to the Suzuki S-Cross, a great car hire option in Menorca. The Japanese brand crossover measures 4.3 metres long, 1.78 metres wide and 1.58 metres tall, and it is perfect for discovering every corner of the island.


At the front of the vehicle you will find a front grille with a vertical finish, which gives the car a lot of personality, and two prominent large headlights. On a general level, the design lines of this S-Cross are the traditional ones which have been maintained from its predecessors. Autos 21 car rental Menorca airport


The interior of the S-Cross is modern and simple. You will find a combination of hard and soft materials which produce truly spectacular results and are pleasant to feel. You will find a central armrest and very comfortable and attractive seats that will give you a marvellous ride when travelling.

In the central part of the car you will find a 7-inch touchscreen incorporating Mirro Link Up, Car Play and Android Auto Site. The menu is simple, intuitive and has a good response. Below the touchscreen you will find the dual-zone climate control and a space to store your mobile phone. You will also find the manual, 5-speed gearstick and the handbrake. Autos21 car Hire Menorca airport


The boot opens manually and has a 430 litre capacity. Inside, there are hooks onto which you can firmly attach any bags you are carrying at the time. If you want to increase the load capacity, fold down the back seats and you will have a capacity of 1.263 litres.


This is a very easy vehicle to drive. The drive is very agile and provides instant power when you depress the accelerator. 

The gearbox has 5 speeds and works to perfection. It is not in the least bit abrupt.  Its average consumption is 6.2 litres/100km, an incredible figure for this S-Cross. The suspension is very good and provides a very comfortable ride. Steering is good and has a light touch. It is a very pleasant car to drive.


We hope that this blog has helped you when choosing your next hire vehicle from Autos 21 Menorca. Reserve the S-Cross from Suzuki today! If you have any questions please contact us, we will be delighted to resolve them for you.