Suzuki Baleno car Hire Menorca test

Suzuki Baleno car hire Menorca

Today, at Autos 21 Menorca we tell you about the Suzuki Baleno. This car is a Sector B model, therefore it is a little smaller than a conventional car. But with its 4 metre length, we can say that it is a medium-large size within the utility car sector.  Reserve the Baleno with Autos 21 Menorca and the car hire service at rent car Menorca.


The Baleno is a utility car that offers the greatest feeling of space in its interior.  The front seats are very comfortable, spacious and allow for a good driving position, thanks to the many adjustments offered by both the steering wheel and the seats. The driving position is very pleasant. The air condition buttons are within easy reach. Hire a Baleno at Autos21 rent a car Menorca today.

If there is something that this vehicle stands out for, it is the rear seats. Neither the length nor the height are a problem for people sitting in the back. On the contrary, there is a great deal of space, which means that their heads will not touch the ceiling and their knees will not touch the seat in front. The central seat is the same, there is space for knees and no problem with the headroom.

The boot has a standard 320 litre capacity, so if you decide to hire your car at Menorca airport, it will be able to hold your suitcases without a problem. If you fold down the back seats the capacity of this splendid Suzuki Baleno will increase up to 1.085 litres.

The Baleno drives marvellously. You will have no problems travelling around Menorca in this vehicle. It is a very quiet car and hardly produces vibrations. It also has surprisingly good performance, as it moves with a freedom that many other utility cars would like to have. The suspension is very soft, which makes it a very comfortable car when travelling at low speeds, particularly in towns and on motorways.