Nissan Micra car hire Menorca Airport

Today at Menorca Autos 21 we bring you the Nissan Micra! The car is a newcomer to our facilities and is already available at the Menorca airport rent a car.


At the front we find a V shape that comes from the grille of the car and extends across the entire bonnet. It is an element that we have already seen on models such as the Qashqai and other models from the brand.


The front seats of the Nissan Micra are really great. The car comes in a range of very appealing colours. The dashboard elements are very attractive and have a digital screen. If we compare it with the previous edition of the Micra, this is completely different. Hire the Nissan Micra now at Menorca Autos 21!


Thanks to its platform, you barely notice the vibrations in this Nissan Micra and it almost completely eliminates noise from the engine. This Micra has a comfortable suspension which is efficient at the same time.