Ford fiesta car hire Menorca airport

Today at Menorca Autos 21, we would like to show you one of the most iconic utility vehicles of the past decade and one of the most used vehicles by young drivers.


The car’s exterior makes this Fiesta look young. Both the front and back of the car are etched with visible lines, creating the impression that the vehicle is more powerful.

On the front of the car, there are long, wide headlights and a black grill with chrome-plated lines. Just like those at the front of the car, the rear headlights also boast a horizontal design.



This Fiesta also boasts a wonderful interior. It has some terrific features and is well laid-out, making it seem more spacious. With very few buttons, the controls are simplistic, but practical. This is mainly explained by the fact that there is a multi-function display in the centre of the dashboard. The seats are very comfortable, which is extremely pleasing. This car was not intended to seat five people, since the middle seat in the back is not very wide. However, you can quite easily travel with a fifth person in the car.


The boot is quite big, with a capacity of 303 litres. The base can also be adjusted to two different depths if you want to make use of all available space. We’re waiting for you to reserve your Fiesta today!


This car performs remarkably well. It is extremely agile and very easy to drive. It grips well to the surface and is very dynamic. It corners well and is a real pleasure if you love driving. The chassis is spectacular. We’re sure you’d enjoy driving it! This car’s engine ensures its great performance. It also has a manual six-speed gearbox. The car is also well-soundproofed.